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Christopher Peter

Moon Zoom

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Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer 2

he saucer’s back - and it’s about to whisk Danny and Natalie off on another awesome adventure! BOB - the super-computer with a personality as big as its brain - needs more Moon Zoom, the mineral that powers the saucer’s anti-grav drive. The only problem is, it’s locked away in the top-secret Ganymede Institute. To get at it, Danny and his friend Nat will have to deal with flying scooters, obnoxious classmates and a big bad missile. Not to mention the sinister Captain Frost in hot pursuit. And there’s only one place to get even more Moon Zoom (no prizes for guessing where). But when the saucer’s crew find themselves stranded, Danny realises that only an incredible act of bravery can save them …
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Hardback Mono up to Royal Octavo
(135 x 216 | 148 pages)

Shipping: £3.00 (UK up to 1kg)

Paperback Mono up to Royal Octavo
(135 x 216 | 148 pages)

Shipping: £3.00 (UK up to 1kg)